I'm excited to unveil the project I've been working on with the lovely Louise at Nekomentsu ... :

As the name suggests it's all about Tokyo, with a mix of articles that draw both from our own experiences and (hopefully) from an objective, informative point of view. We're hoping to get each page linking to several others so what we'd like to create is less a linear, journal-style blog (although there is also that aspect to it), and more a network of interconnected articles.

I won't go on about it too long, but I'm really pleased with how it's shaping up... Do go have a look, and I'd love to hear what you think!
Dear My Blog,

I realise I've been ignoring you a lot lately. And I'm sorry - that was not my intention. But I have been preparing for some exciting news: very soon, you're going to have a new little blog-brother or blog-sister!

I've been busy working with Catface over at Nekomentsu on a new project that's all about Japan. More details will follow when I have more details to give, but for now suffice it to say I'm really excited.

And of course, little blog o' mine, I promise you'll stay just as important to me in the future so there's no need to be jealous!

All best,