So Louise, my better half, is doing something incredible this Summer, and I feel I must spread the word. She's leaving her job and going half way around the world, to Phuket, Thailand, to volunteer at The Soi Dog Foundation, who look after sick, mistreated and abused cats & dogs. Unfortunately, in Thailand, strays have a rough time - they are often poisoned, beaten and otherwise persecuted by business owners and residents. I won't go into too much detail because it's actually very upsetting, but those who would like to learn more can do so here.

Scratchy before treatment Scratchy after treatment

Louise is self-funding her trip, but because of mounting costs (she found out today, after booking her flights, that her budget accommodation has just fallen through) and an already very basic budget, she needs help. She's set up a website,, on which kindly folk have been donating. There's also a link to her shop on there, where you can buy Louise's handmade amigurumi animals, with all proceeds going to her cause. The local papers have been great, too - the East Riding Mail and Beverley Guardian have both promised to run articles. In fact, the former sent a photographer round yesterday and will be conducting an interview shortly.

If you can, please donate or buy a knitted animal. And if you can't (there is a recession on after all) but you do support the cause, then please tweet or Facebook about Louise (she's @Catface85 on Twitter) and, or even just leave her a message of support. She's doing such a wonderful thing, and I am so proud of her, but there are so many obstacles at the moment that any help - moral, fiscal or otherwise - would be very gratefully received.

I hope you can help.

Thanks for reading!

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On 21 February 2010 at 20:27 , Jen B said...

Oh wow... that is so very sad. I'll check out her website when I get home tonight. :-(

On 22 February 2010 at 13:20 , Rob said...

Thanks Jen! It is, very sad ... I tend not to blog about such serious and upsetting subjects on the whole, but I feel this is really important and it's the one issue I'll raise here.