I'm getting really excited about Christmas now. Work's been so hectic but there's only four more days left before we break up, then I'm off until the 4th Jan, unless I choose to take some extra Football Live shifts. Sadly Louise is back at work on the 30th Dec for two days, but we still get a good amount of time off together.

Christmas brings out the kids in both Louise & I, and now we have a house to ourselves we're probably a bit badly behaved - no grown-ups to keep us in check. Christmas Eve is now, by tradition, spent moving bedding downstairs so we can sleep by the tree and presents and watch Christmas films all night.

This year will probably feature The Polar Express, The Muppet's Christmas Carol, and A Christmas Story. The latter is one I barely remember from my childhood, but I do recall quite liking it and I managed to pick it up at a bargain price from Tesco recently. Louise has been almost entirely put off by how creepy the kid, played by Peter Billingsley, looks on the cover:

In fairness, he does look awfully creepy...

Random Blog-End Note: We've been lucky enough to sample some delicious far-Eastern treats recently in mochi and bubble tea. Mochi, a traditional Japanese sweet made from sweetened rice paste and filled (in this instance) with red azuki-bean paste, is thoroughly delicious. I hear it's a traditional New Year thing in Japan, so I think we'll try making some in a few weeks. Bubble tea is sweetened flavoured tea with large tapioca pearls in, which is very unusual but equally delicious. I heartily recommend both!

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