So the BBC website told us that we'd have no snow this weekend after all, despite previously announcing we'd get a shedload. We wound up getting quite a bit on Friday, which was great except we didn't get back from work while about 9pm. Then last night we got the motherload - flakes like dinnerplates covered everything! from then on Louise & I have spent pretty much every waking moment playing in the snow like kids.

We did take time out to go to our local Chinese supermarket to pick up some Chinese, Japanese and Korean sweets 'n' treats for Christmas, and to start a series of Japanese language tests. We'll be quizzing each other as we learn from now on to make sure we don't skip over bits in our studies - for instance I found out I need to go back over the days of the week as I'd forgotten almost all of them...

Anyway, here's the fruits of last night's labour - a rather magnificent(?)-looking snowman!:

(hope this comes out - I'm blogging off my mobile and don't fully understand the app yet)

Happy winter everyone!

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