I've recently finished rewatching Twin Peaks season two - Louise hadn't seen it before so I begged/borrowed/stole (ok I didn't actually steal...) the various DVDs from friends and family. Thirty brilliant episodes later (well, maybe 28.5 brilliant episodes - some of Ben Horne's storylines were a little weak!) and now I'm left with a renewed sense of opportunities lost, and questions unanswered. It was so very good, yet I get the impression the studio limited David Lynch so much with what he could or couldn't do, and with the time in which he had to do it.

After the first half of series two heralded a conclusion to the original whodunnit mystery, many people thought it went a bit off the boil. But I wonder whether it was more a case of having a vast story arc to bring to a conclusion, while knowing it's unlikely that you'll get picked up for a third series.

The film helped a little, but again it was a case of too much to say in such a short length of time. I heard rumours that Lynch may be working on a new series or another film pre/sequel, and I'm holding my breath...

In other news, I have scribbled down my recipe for tonkatsu, one of my favourite Japanese dishes. Now I should probably mention that this is not a 'proper' recipe as such - just something I figured out, half from watching a cookery show with the sound off in the hotel in Tokyo, and half from experimenting. I also use five-spice and cayenne in the breadcrumbs, which neither of which are very Japanese, but I think the flavour works really well. Finally, I believe this would normally be deep-fried but for health's sake I figured out how to roast it instead. Hope it works out for you!

2 x pork cuts (flattened tenderloin works great, or loin/chop/etc)
1 slice stale bread
pinch cayenne
1 tsp five-spice
2tbs cornflour
2tbs soy sauce
2tbs mirin
toasted sesame oil (in a spray if possible)

Mix the cornflour with the soy & mirin until it's entirely liquid. Make breadcrumbs from the bread and mix in the spices. Prepare the pork as required, and soak it in the cornflour mix. Remove, and coat fully with breadcrumbs. Put on a baking sheet and lightly spray with sesame oil. Cook at about 200c for about 25mins (longer if you're using a big cut of meat - trust your judgment!).

Cut into slices and serve atop a bed of shredded sweetheart cabbage, with a bowl of rice.

Hmn, my first-ever recipe - let me know how you get on, and please feel free to give me any tweaks/improvements!

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