I've just had a lovely Autumnal afternoon, involving putting the fire on, and some sandalwood incense (we have a gas fire but I miss the log-fire smells), while listening to a fantastic CD Louise recently got me - Bob Dylan's Christmas In The Heart. Yup, the folk legend has released a Christmas album! It takes pride of place with Billy Idol's Happy Holidays (another unlikely but great Yuletide gem), and it's really getting me in the mood for that most wonderful time of the year now.

Unfortunately in my line of work Christmas heralds the busiest time of year, and we've started working overtime in preparation for it already. The nights are drawing in and the shifts are getting later - and there's another six or seven weeks of that to go before the main event itself. Sigh... Still, it'll be worth it in the end - all said, it really is my favourite time of year!

Here's hoping for a white Christmas!

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