I mentioned recently that I've been busy at work, and here's why. At least, the first of a long line of reasons...

My weekday job basically involves making TV listings, and so in the run-up to Christmas, when the papers and TV networks have their big rush to get the festive schedules out, we have to do some pretty crazy shifts. This was the first of our special editions, which we did for the Daily Mirror. It was on-sale on Wednesday, and came out looking pretty good I think - which has given me a lot of confidence about the rest of the products we have to get out over the next month. It's still a daunting task though!

I also continue to find it tremendously satisfying to see the end product in the newsagents the morning after a late shift, even after doing it for so long (I'm on my ninth Christmas in this job!).

In a fitting celebration, Louise and I picked up a bottle of something nice this evening... We're neither of us particularly big drinkers but we both fancied a drop of whisky, and our local supermarket has the Yamazaki by Suntory on special offer. Besides, it'll keep while Christmas (or most of it will), so it's an investment! I'd never had a Japanese whisky before but I'm very partial to a Scottish single malt, and I'd heard they're very similar in style. After my first taste I must say I'm very impressed. Puts me in mind of a sweet Speyside malt like Glen Moray, only better finished. Certainly much easier-going than most.

So, 'til next time, Kanpai!

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