I'm currently sitting in my car in rainy Hull, waiting for 6pm when i can do my last job of the day, and listening to some rather good electro music (Ladytron - underrated).
Eerily, as i sit, and the windows begin to mist up as the rain pours, some ghostly Japanese characters are forming all around me. Now I know that this is just because Louise & I like to practice our hiragana when we're stuck in traffic and the glass makes a good temporary (or so I thought) surface for this. But nevertheless I feel as though I'm in a creepy scene from a J-Horror film of some description...
As Gary Numan sang, "you can lock all your doors, in cars" - but am I locking things out, or locking something in...?
So although I'm feeling quite freaked out, I thought I'd take the opportunity to try out the new blogging app for my phone. If the formatting & casing's a bit off, that's why.
If it's not been fixed by tomorrow, that'll be because I've been eaten by the Grudge...

(Edit: I got out alive - hurray!)

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